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Testimonials and Recommendations 

"Michael is an exceptional clinician. Practicing from a relational approach, Michael has demonstrated the importance of considering family dynamics and the ecological context when working with young people. Michael's professional history positions him to effectively engage in the most complex therapeutic situations. His wisdom and skill coupled with his authentic, respectful and thoughtful approach to everyone with whom he engages makes him a valuable colleague. The one true test I use to determine the competence and approachability of a clinician is to consider whether I would refer my family and friends to that person. Indeed, I would welcome the opportunity to make referrals of those close to me to Michael."

- Dr. Judy Finlay PhD

Former -Chief Child Advocate, Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Professor, Ryerson University

“I am very excited to hear that Wendy Hofmann and Michael Isaac have opened up shop, I have had the pleasure of working with both practitioners and would recommend their services without hesitation.”

- Randy Ketterling MEd


"I am pleased to offer a letter of endorsement for Wendy Hofmann regarding her clinical work with children, youth and families. I have worked directly and collaterally with Wendy over the past 18 years in both Toronto and York Region. Wendy is a consummate professional with many areas of strength. She has a warm caring manner that makes her someone easy to talk to and connect with. She has strong skills of engagement that even “challenging adolescents” can respond to! Wendy has vast experience is individual, family and crisis assessment and intervention planning. She is also very knowledgeable about local community resources. I would not hesitate to refer to Wendy. I would feel confident that she will provide the support and direction needed for positive client outcomes."

- Robert Sears MSW

Director Client Services, Central Toronto Youth Services

"Michael has an easy going yet caring persona that results in people (young and old) feeling comfortable and “unjudged”. I have had the opportunity to work alongside Michael in a variety of situations and have come to appreciate his unique ability to blend his gifts and skills to ensure everyone’s personal safety as well as potential for personal challenge and growth. Regardless of the circumstance Michael’s passion for and belief in people is manifested by his ability to engage through responsive and responsible communication.Michael is adept at combining his therapeutic skills with a wonderful sense of humor that has clients feeling comfortable, respected, and engaged. Michael has proven his clinical and therapeutic skills/abilities in a variety of settings – from hospital to far north remote first nations. He is able to adapt his style and words to ensure a respectful and responsive counselling relationship."

- Keith Zehr

President, Youth Justice Ontario

Executive Director, William. W. Creighton Youth Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Co-Chair, North-South Partnership for Children, Ontario

"Michael Isaac is a rare gem! His compassion and warmth immediately invite relaxed, engaged conversation. His intelligence and professional integrity grounds his clinical work. As colleagues, I have been impressed by his contributions to the field and his heartfelt dedication."

- Lisa Marucci MSW RSW

Psychotherapist, Toronto

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